Cool down & play in Eglinton

Situated within the Allara Estate in Eglinton, is Kinkuna Adventure Playground. This large playground with a mix of nature play, water play and traditional play equipment has something for everyone to enjoy.

The main playground structure is a series of big wooden towers interconnected with ladders, climbing ropes, a tunnel and a rope bridge. There are two slides of different sizes.


At one end of the play structure, there is a tall climbing wall for bigger kids, with a rubbery mat/ladder for climbing down and getting to the next section. I’d say this section is best suited to kids 4 years and up.


Bring a towel and change of clothes or pack your kids swimwear for the water play area. These run on a timer once someone sets them going with a button set in the ground at either end. There’s some jets that spray like a shower from eg-3above, and most shoot out of the ground below in different patterns. Kids of all ages were having a ball with this area!

Next to the water play are some musical pipes that play different notes, and a percussion play instrument that sounded similar to a Jamaican-style steel drum when tapped with your palms.

In addition, there is a fenced off basketball court available for shooting hoops. Behind the court is gym equipment for the adults.

We found Kinkuna Adventure Playground clean and well-maintained, with features to suit a wide-range of ages from babies through to big kids. The playground isn’t fenced, but the eg-4streets surrounding are very quiet, and the equipment set back from the road enough that it should be safe for little wanderers. There’s also no shade sails, relying on natural shading from the trees in the park. These are still quite small and not enough to shade everything, so pack your hats and sunscreen just to be safe.

Kinkuna Adventure Playground is located on Revolution Avenue, in the Allara Estate, off Marmion Avenue in Eglinton. This is just past the intersection with Pipidinny Road. Free roadside parking is available on Revolution Avenue, next to the park.

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