Down at the Farm

If you grew up in Perth, it’s likely you know Landsdale Farm School.

Possibly you visited as part of an excursion with your school. Thirty years after opening as an educational facility, Landsdale Farm School is still operating and introducing thousands of Perth children from all walks of life to their friendly farm animals.

Once parked, the first part of Landsdale Farm School we visited was the beautiful sensory garden. This is grown and tended primarily by the students who visit and attend the educational programs. The garden bed include fruits and vegetables, which are pickable by the students only, and many flowers and herbs. Each is marked with different groups or organizations caring for it. In a section along a path adjacent to the admin building, there are pots of herbs lined up. Children are encouraged to touch, smell or taste these and read about their different benefits, such as mint helping digestion for example

Also adjacent to the sensory garden is the Henhouse Hilton, full of noisy chickens, and Bilton Cottage, which is mainly used for school educational visits. Surrounding the outside however are some historical household items, such as a water trough with a hand pump and a mangle

New additions to the sensory garden are some musical instruments. These include a drum and a large xylophone, which reverberates for a long time after it’s been struck and sounds like magical fairy music in the garden setting. All the children seemed to love these. Miss 4 kept coming back to make music.

Walking past the sensory garden, you come to The Haystack Cafe. This has lots of outside seating with shady umbrellas, plus a few small seats undercover by the counter. Further undercover seating is on the other side of the cafe, outside the admin building, in the pavilion.

The menu at The Haystack Cafe is diverse, ranging from traditional breakfast options such as eggs on toast and blueberry pancakes (available 8am to 11.30am) to toasties, salads and hot food items such as The Haystack Burger, Chicken Quesadilla or Indonesian-style curries for lunch.

Beyond the cafe, there is a small fairytale themed playground. Kids seem to love visiting the Three Little Pigs houses, acting out the story, or playing in the Gnome School. Children can also pose for a photo as one of the Little Pigs. Another smaller xylophone similar to the one in the sensory playground has recently been added as well.

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