Family friendly park in Landsdale

Huntington Park is a lovely small park, with most of the space dedicated to various wonderful play structures which are all set on sand.

The biggest draw for slightly older children would be the giant flying fox swings. There are two running parallel to each other, great for racing your friends! You pull the swing up onto a platform and go flying across the length of the park, all whilst seated on, and holding on tightly to the swing.

There are several normal swings including a round nest style and baby swing. The main section with the rest of the play equipment is set under big shade sails. This play equipment is perfect for younger children as it offers easily climbed stairs to the slide while slightly older children would enjoy the rock wall.


There are bhuntington-4inoculars and a telescope for imaginary play up on the platforms, along with a noughtsand crosses game and abacus. The lower level consists of a train with steering wheels and gears, 2 of each, allowing more than one child to have a turn at once. Perfect for creative play adventures with a friend.


There is a barbecue, sheltered picnic table and bench, and a limestone wall around the play equipment where you could perch to watch the children play. There is only ahuntington-3 small grassed area, and no toilets. There’s adequate parking allocated around the park. This park has enough variety to keep children entertained and busy for a long time!

Huntington Park is located on Huntington Parkway, Landsdale.

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