Last Friday we headed to our local park in Landsdale to check out the new food trucks there. Turns out this is a fantastic experience in our neighbourhood and all within walking distance.

It was such a relaxing evening and makes great use of the lovely parks in Wanneroo. My hubby and kids loved the choice of vans and we hung around for about an hour enjoying the delicious food (the falafel was a real winner with me). I’m glad to see the City of Wanneroo promoting things like food and drink/coffee vans.

It gets families outside together and it’s wonderful to see the little ones playing chasey while the older lads kick the footy.

The bonus is we all get to eat tasty fresh food and drinks in a relaxed, family atmosphere. We caught up with our neighbours and chatted with other people we’ve never met before, making new friends in our area. There is a really chilled vibe and the food van vendors even provided deck chairs and beanbags for us, although I’d recommend bringing a picnic blanket or foldaway chairs as well.

I think it’s a fantastic idea and should be introduced in other areas. I can see this becoming a regular thing for us and a popular gathering in our suburb.

Written By Jess who visited Warradale Park in Landsdale. Trading days at this park are Friday and Saturday 4pm-8pm.

NOTE: The Food Truck Trial is being run by the City of Wanneroo and includes a number of parks throughout the City.  Check the website for further details.

Food truck operators are also encouraged to become one of the registered businesses in the trial.


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