Benn Tudor-Roberts is a multi-award winning photographer and we are thrilled that he calls the Wanneroo region home. Benn is passionate about photography which is very evident in his work.

With over 40,000 followers on Instagram  Benn clearly knows the best spots to capture stunning images so with this in mind we asked Benn to share with us his favourite spots to take photos in the Wanneroo region and we were not disappointed.


Benn’s Story

Benn’s favourite spotsbenn-tudor-roberts-4

We are pretty lucky to live in the city we do. Right on our doorstep we have some of the best beaches in Perth (and the country) along with bushland, forests, lakes and more. I wanted to share a few of my favourites, so here they are:

Pine Forests, Old Yanchep Road
Sometimes when I feel like going somewhere new, I grab my camera and drive east until the houses fade into trees.  There are a number of pine forests around the Pinjar area and they are all really peaceful spots to unwind.


Lake Jandabupbenn-tudor-roberts6

A recent gem I found is Lake Jandabup. This lesser known lake has a few tracks around it with lots of birdlife and unsp
oilt scenery. It’s a great place to go for a walk or watch the sun rise over the water on an early spring morning.

Claytons Beach & Rambos Beach

My favourite local spot – which I like to call home – is Claytons Beach. Even though I’ve been surfing the break for many years, I can always find something new to photograph. The place is constantly changing with the weather and seasons; one day there could be waves colliding to create abstract shapes, the next it could be entirely still with dolphins cruising by. Right next to Claytons is Rambos Beach which is a kilometre of white sand with no one in sight – a perfect getaway from the crowds.

Whether you are into photography or not, there are so many picturesque locations to explore within the Wanneroo region: all you have to do is get out there!

If you would like to find out more about Benn or see more of his amazing work follow him on Instagram  or head to his website

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