Hidden stories behind the Art

When we lift each other we can fly is a mural at the entrance to the Butler Community Centre by artist Hayley Welsh & Butler Primary School students. Recognised for her surreal, wide-eyed creatures and street art, Hayley creates whimsical new worlds with these affable monsters as our guides. This unique artwork encourages us all to enjoy the wonder of childhood and is a reminder to listen to our own little voice.

Public Art Collection

This mural is just one of the 165 artworks in the Public Art Collection, 34 of the best pieces comprise the Public Art Safari trail. Why not plan a picnic day to visit some of the City of Wanneroo’s wonderful public artworks. There is a southern, central and northern trail and a pinned map to help you plan your day out and see some of the most intriguing pieces of art within the northern suburbs.

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